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Orenco PVU481818 Biotube Pump Vault

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Length: 18 In
Width: 18 In
Height: 48 In

Orenco Biotube® pump vaults are used to transport filtered effluent from septic tanks or separate dosing tanks in effluent pumping systems. They are a critical component of individual onsite systems and effluent sewer collection systems. Pump vaults house a Biotube effluent filter and one or two Orenco high-head effluent pumps and can be used in single-compartment septic tanks with flows up to 40 gpm. When flows are greater than 40 gpm, a double-compartment septic tank or separate dosing tank is recommended. Pump vaults are 12 in. in diameter, and accommodate one pump (simplex) or two pumps (duplex). Each pump vault comes with a Biotube filter cartridge, vault housing, support pipes, and float bracket to hold the float assembly. Custom lengths can be produced.

Orenco PVU481818 Biotube Pump Vault Typical Application

  • Residential septic tank effluent
  • Commercial septic tank effluent
  • Dose tank high head pumping
  • Treatment system pumping
  • Other effluent pumping where screening is needed

Orenco PVU481818 Biotube Pump Vault Technical Details

  • Molded polyethylene housing
  • Provides flow inducer for high-head turbine style pumps
  • 14.5 sq ft screen area
  • 4.4 sq ft flow area
  • 0.125 (1/8") in opening Biotube filter
  • Extendible handle for easy removal
  • Filter can be removed without pulling the pump or vault
  • Easy to clean by simply hosing off whenever the tank needs pumping
  • Removes suspended solids extending drainfield life
  • Corrosion-proof construction to ensure long life

Orenco Biotube Pump Vault Superior Features

  • Large filter area
  • Corrosion proof construction
  • Screen easy to clean
  • Float tree mount built in
  • Pump sleeve routes water to provide motor cooling

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