A common challenge in lift station design is what to do with a station that has relatively little flow but still requires full 3" solids handling capability. AFS 3" Packaged Lift Stations paired with Hydromatic 3" solids handling vortex impeller pumps provide the solution! These packages deliver small flow sewage collection with the reliability of the big boys.


  • apartment buildings
  • schools
  • commercial buildings
  • small subdivisions
  • stormwater
  • industrial wastewater
  • design flow rates up to 100 GPM with 3" force main
  • design flow rates up to 200 GPM with 4" force main


  • duplex 3" solids handling sewage pumps
  • Hydromatic 3" Pumps
  • FRP wet well
  • unique Operations Deck
  • FRP valve vault (optional)
  • welded aluminum hinged door access cover(s)
  • SCH80 PVC pump discharge piping
  • SCH10 welded stainless steel discharge piping (optional)
  • cast iron base elbow guide rail systems
  • SCH40 stainless steel guide rails
  • internal pump isolation and check valves
  • internal electrical junction boxes
  • external electrical hand hole with junction boxes
  • standard or custom duplex pump control panel

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