Horn Rapids Triangle Richland, Washington

The Horn Rapids Triangle lift station was built to serve the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories project operated by Battelle for the US Department of Energy. RC Worst & Co. provided the project engineer a design for an Automated Flow Systems packaged lift station which includes a 8’ x 20’ wet well and 6’ x 11’ valve vault. The design features triplex pumps to allow interim operation with two pumps while the flows are limited early in the project yet allow full capacity operation by simply adding a pump as the project matures. The fabricated schedule 10 stainless steel discharge manifold leaves the 4” pumps, increases to 6”, and finally leaves the lift station with 8”. While the lift station required an extensive excavation due to the granular soils the contractor was still able complete the installation in three days.

Lewiston Industrial Park Lift Station Lewiston, Idaho

Not unlike many municipalities, the City of Lewiston, Idaho had expanded and needed to develop an area that required a sewage lift station. While the City designer knew he needed to specify this lift station, he also had a vision of developing a standard that would be a future template expediting design and operation. After working with RC Worst & Co. for several months, an Automated Flow Systems package was developed that would accommodate all the features that he was looking for. The station itself was nearly a stock AFS design with a few extras included in the controls. The Hydromatic Novus 4000 controller is housed in a freestanding stainless steel enclosure, senses the sewage levels using a Blue Ribbon Birdcage submersible pressure transducer, and includes an Omnisite XR50 cellular lift station monitoring system. From delivery to backfill, this AFS Lift Station took only a few hours to install.

Medical Lake Middle School Medical Lake, Washington

One of the critical aspects of this project was the accelerated time line. When the project management team from Hill International partnered with DCI Engineers, they communicated that they not only needed a new lift station to serve a new building on the Medical Lake Middle School campus but they needed it installed and operational by the time school started in the fall three months away. Fortunately DCI Engineers had a long standing relationship with RC Worst & Co. so an Automated Flow Systems packaged lift station was quickly designed paving the way for bidding, submittals, productions, and installation. The design included a Xerxes Corp. oversized 10’ x 13’ wet well to accommodate emergency storage, 5 hp Hydromatic pumps, 4” stainless steel discharge piping, ventilation fan system, and Hydromatic Novus 2000 controls.

Gayle Manufacturing Caldwell, Idaho

Scott Stanfield with Manson & Stanfield, Inc. and Jim Deblasio of Gayle Manufacturing needed a solution to the wastewater treatment and disposal requirements of 190 employees planned at the new Gayle Manufacturing facility under construction in Caldwell, Idaho. A smaller 3" lift station was selected due to the lower flows and employee counts at this facility to move the raw waste up to the primary septic tank.

CS Beef Packers Kuna, Idaho

Because the sanitary treatment facility had to be located across Cole Road, a sewage lift station was needed. Working with Jason Logan of Power Engineers, we came up with a single station solution that provided remote access and flow monitoring, traffic rated lid and cover, and complete IDAPA compliance.

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