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Orenco V4403A Automatic Distributing Valve 1.25" Inlet & Outlets 10-40 GPM Flow Range 3 Zone

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Height: 17 In
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Orenco automatic distributing valve assemblies are mechanically operated and sequentially redirect the pump’s flow to multiple zones in a distribution field or treatment system. Valve actuation is accomplished by a combination of pressure and flow. Automatic distributing valve assemblies allow the use of smaller horsepower pumps on large sand filters and drainfields. For example, a large community drainfield requiring 300 gpm can use a six-line valve assembly to reduce the pump flow rate requirement to only 50 gpm.

The use of high-head effluent pumps with Biotube pump vaults are required to provide pressure and meet flow requirements, and to prevent debris from fouling valve operation. An inlet ball valve, a section of clear pipe (for monitoring), and a union for each outlet are provided for a complete assembly. Ideal valve location is at high point in system. Refer to Orenco Automatic Distributing Valve Assemblies (NTP-VA-1) before installation.

Orenco Automatic Distributing Valve Typical Application

  • Large drainfield dosing when smaller pumps are desired
  • Even distribution to zoned disposal areas
  • Sand filter dosing
  • Multiple Orenco AdvanTex treatment pod dosing

Orenco Automatic Distributing Valve Technical Details

  • Mechanically operated requiring no electrical control or wiring
  • Sequences pump from from between 2 and 6 zones depending on model
  • Reduces system pump and pipe size requirements
  • Requires screened high head effluent pumps for operation
  • Ball valve and clear pipe included in assembly to provide ease of operation
  • See Orenco Document NTP-VA-1 for Additional Application Information

Orenco Automatic Distributing Valve Head Loss Curves

orenco distributing valve curve.jpg

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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