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SymCom 80 Reverse-Phase Relay/171-528V/Fast-on terminals 3-Phase Voltage Monitor

Price: Discontinued
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Discontinued or no longer available.

Shipping Weight:
8.0 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 12 In
Width: 10 In
Height: 10 In
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Discontinued; Possible replacement is Model MSR202

SymCom 80 Reverse-Phase Relay/171-528V/Fast-On Terminals 3-Phase Voltage Monitors

The Model 80 is designed to continuously monitor for ABC phase sequencing of 190-480VAC, 3-phase systems. Critical applications include fan motors, scroll compressors, grinders, conveyor systems, elevators and escalators. A solid-state sensing circuit energizes a Form C relay and illuminates an LED indicator when the proper phase sequence is applied.

SymCom 80 3-Phase Voltage Monitor Features

• Protects 3-phase motors from phase reversal• 0.5 second response time• Relay status LED• Automatic reset• CSA approved for use in Canada and US• 5-year warranty• Made in the USA

SymCom 80 3-Phase Voltage Monitor Technical Details

  • Protective Relay Functions
    • The equipment shall provide protection against phase reversal.
  • Capabilities and Features
    • Inputs
      • The equipment shall accept one of the following:
      • Voltage range of 171-264VAC
      • Voltage range of 342-528VAC
    • Outputs
      • The equipment shall include one Form C (SPDT) output relay.
      • Contacts pilot duty rated 480VA@240VAC.
      • Contacts general purpose rated 10A@240VAC.
    • Functional Specifications
      • The equipment shall provide 0.5 second response time for a reverse-phase fault condition.
      • The equipment shall have an indicator light. The indicator light has the capability to indicate whether the phase monitor is in run mode or fault mode (phase reversal).
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • The equipment shall be immune to electrical fast transient bursts exceeding IEC 61000-4-4, Level 2. Specified limits shall be 2kV.
    • The equipment shall be immune to electrical surges per IEC 61000-4-5, Level 4. Specified limits shall be Level 3, 4kV line-to-line and line-to-ground.
  • Dielectric Isolation: Equipment withstands an alternating current potential of 1000V plus twice the rated voltage of the equipment for 1 minute without breakdown between uninsulated live parts and the enclosure with the contacts open and closed; between terminals of opposite polarity with the contacts closed; and between uninsulated live parts of different circuits.
  • Environmental Requirements
    • The equipment shall operate continuously without derating in ambient temperatures of -20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F).
    • The equipment shall operate continuously without derating in relative humidity of 10% up to 95% non-condensing per IEC 68-2-3.
  • Dimensions: The equipment dimensions shall not exceed 2” high X 2” wide X 1.25” deep.
  • Mounting: The equipment shall be surface mountable.

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SymCom Warranty

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

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