AFS Discharge Assemblies provide the essential plumbing inside of a pump basin or dose tank. Flexible hose is used to dampen vibrations, simplify installation, and absorb pump starting torque. AFS Discharge Assemblies use a universal design that is suitable for both high head and low head style pumps. AFS Discharge Assemblies are built using non-corrosive materials. 150 PSI rated high pressure configurations are available.


  • isolation valve and union
  • optional check valve
  • optional high pressure configurations suitable for both high head and low head style pumps
  • relieves pipe stress due to misalignment
  • dampens vibrations
  • absorbs shock from pump starting torque
  • unrestricted I.D. (standard configuration) for solids handling applications*
  • easy access test gauge port
  • test gauges in various pressure ranges available
  • adapters for common pump discharge connection included


  • residential and light commercial pump stations
  • onsite systems
  • effluent pump stations
  • sewage pump stations
  • grinder pump stations
  • sizes from 1" - 2" discharge connections included


PDF - AFS Discharge Assembly Flyer

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