Provides a superior solution for disconnecting pumps for service without unwiring. Simply unplug a pump to remove. Operator safety ensured by providing power disconnect without entering high voltage control panels. Electrician not required. Addresses electrical arc flash issues for lift station operators. Pumps remain in phase allowing backup units to be swapped in minutes.

Lift Station Disconnect

  • pump and control cords are easily accessible for servicing
  • does not require unwiring the pump cords
  • electrician not required to service or swap pumps
  • three phase pumps do not lose proper rotation
  • satisfies Class 1 Div 1 requirements - ventilation provided to remove junction box and connections from classified location
  • reduces risk of injury from Arc Flash preventing operator injury
  • system provides removable float bracket and/or location for equipment hooks
  • pump cords are properly supported and routed to facilitate pump removal without interference
  • optional to the AFS Packaged Lift Station or as retrofit for existing lift station upgrades


PDF - AFS Disconnect Flyer

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