Unfortunately lift stations stink and in sensitive areas an odor problem can be a big problem. The AFS Carbon Barrel provides media to remove the offensive odors. The AFS system generates a slight negative pressure on the wet well eliminating the nearly impossible task of making a wet well air tight. The AFS Carbon Barrel can be integrated into your AFS Packaged Lift Station of provided as a stand alone system for retrofit applications.

Ventilation Fan and Carbon Barrel

  • designed to provide odor control for lift stations in sensitive locations
  • two models:
    • 1. integrated ventilation fan
      • ideal for new installations
      • smaller site footprint
      • extra protection for fan
    • 2. external Ventilation fan
      • ideal for retrofit applications
  • applies a negative pressure to wet well - not necessary to try sealing air tight
  • explosion-proof fan meets NEC requirements for Class 1 Div 1
  • satisfies IDAPA ventilation requirements
  • replaceable carbon drum provides simple maintenance


PDF - AFS Ventilation Fan and Carbon Barrel Flyer

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