AFS Dose and Septic Tank Risers are designed to facilitate easy access to a below ground tank system, whether in gravity or in pumping tank applications. AFS Tank Risers are ideally suited for attaching to the Orenco Systems, Inc. FRP septic tanks; however, AFS PVC Septic Tank Risers are easily adapted to concrete or poly tanks using tank adapters and bolt down kits. These risers not only provide access to the tank from finish grade, but ensure a lasting watertight connection between the riser and the tank preventing infiltration or exfiltration when installed properly. When looking for a tank riser solution, consider AFS PVC Septic Tank Risers to ensure a quality and lasting job the first time.


  • septic tank riser addition or extension
  • dose tank riser
  • AFS Pump Basin Extension
  • utility sump or valve box


  • PVC construction
  • ribbed for high strength
  • fits Orenco Systems, Inc. Durafiber lids
  • can be installed on fiberglass, concrete, or poly tanks
  • can be used to extend the height of an existing riser


  • available in 24" or 30" diameters
  • available in heights from 6" to 144"
  • tank adapters to connect to any type of tank
  • grade ring inserts for extending risers or making field repairs
  • fiberglass lids with or w/o insulation


PDF - AFS Tank Risers Flyer

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