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Embracing Technology

Every business coach out there worth his or her salt strongly encourages us to routinely perform a self-analysis on our business models to ensure that we are taking advantage of new technology and industry innovation as well as meeting the goals that have been established to incrementally gauge growth or identify shortfalls or missteps within the plan. This self-examination process demands a certain element of discipline and we all perform at different levels depending on who is driving the boat, how much business pain we are currently experiencing or external prompting from industry professionals that get paid to remind us.

The third generation ownership and management team of R.C. Worst & Co. has made it a priority to include in the self-analysis process a constant look outside of our office walls and corporate comfort zone for technological advances that will provide efficiencies in how we perform our duties and ultimately, how we serve our customers. It is that openness to innovation that has on many fronts, allowed R.C. Worst & Co. to hone important and valuable components of its business plan in order to create additional value for the consumers that look to us for guidance in developing best-fit scenarios.

tech1As an example, R.C. Worst & Co. has embraced cloud based technologies which allow for contact management solutions that create complete and open access for our employees. In essence, our employees are able to address the immediate needs of our customers no matter where they happen to be located at that particular moment. R.C. Worst & Co. has made investments in communication tools that allow our employees to be portable and effective at the same time. Tools that make it possible to react in real time to real time needs of our customers.
As we constantly look to the outside world for innovative methods of serving our customer base more efficiently and ultimately, more effectively, R.C. Worst & Co. constantly strives to look for, and then develop internal changes in how we operate and communicate. As part of his self-assigned duties, President Ken Worst continuously examines methods of operations and looks for areas of refinement and efficiencies. It is Ken’s desire to place in the hands of every employee the necessary tools to better serve the needs of consumers.
As R.C. Worst & Co. nears the 60th anniversary celebration in 2013 of serving our neighbors’ water and wastewater pumping needs in Idaho and Eastern Washington, we are mindful of what got us to this important milestone of our company’s history. Robert Worst opened the doors for business in 1953 and developed a simple, yet critical component of doing business. His mantra was to provide excellent customer service to every customer that walks through the door, calls on the phone or in today’s business environment contacts us through our website.

We all live in a world of open access to a wide array of new and innovative technological advancements. It is R.C. Worst & Co.’s ownership and management team’s openness to embrace these technologies that help to differentiate our company from our competitors. In doing so, we strive for excellence while performing within the simple boundaries of a business plan that was developed 60 years ago by Robert Worst. The plan was then to sell quality products that are supported by excellent customer service and allow business to take care of itself. It worked then and it still works today going into our 60th year of business.