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Product Spotlight - AFS Single Phase Simplex Electromechanical Pump Control Panel

The Automated Flow Systems AFSCPS120/240 Simplex Dual Voltage control panel is designed to control one 120/208/240V single phase pump in water and sewage installations.


  • Electromechanical Control
  • Demand Dosing
  • 120-240 Volts Single Phase
  • Two-Wire Pumps up to 20 FLa
  • Simplified Wiring
  • Lockable NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Power Relay Silences Contactor Hammer to Allow for Additional Mounting Options


  • Residential and Light Commercial Simplex Wastewater Pumping Applications
  • Reservoir Pump Up and Alarm Applications
  • General Simplex Pump Control Applications

Float Arrangement (from top down)

  • High Level Alarm - activates audible and visual alarm when pump is not operational or activated. Audible alarm can be deactivated by pressing High Alarm Push to Silence button on front of panel
  • Pump ON - provides closure signal to power relay to activate pump/motor
  • Pump OFF - releases pump holding circuit deactivating power relay and pump/motor
  • Redundant OFF - insures pump will not run under low level conditions and also provides audible and visual alarm to indicate tank leak or siphoning of tank contents

Multi Voltage - Built to operate 120, 208, or 240 volt single phase pumps/motors. Controls two-wire pumps up to 20 full load amps.

Simplified Wiring - Equipped with separate pump and alarm circuit breakers to accommodate installation with one or two circuits. Allows up to four floats with two terminals per float, eliminating the need for bundling common wires in the panel or splice box. Panel ships with a terminal link installed to bypass the redundant off float when not required.

Power Relay - Pump power is switched with a nearly silent power relay. The power relay is rated for 30 amps and 100,000 or more cycles

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