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Product Spotlight: Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Alarm for Sump Pump, Water Heater, Temperature, Humidity, and Leak Detection

Features & Benefits:

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Alarm for Sump Pumps + Leak Detection
  • Alarms/Notifies on High Water in Sump and Water Leaks on Floor
  • Alarm/Notifies on High Humidity, Low Temperature and Power Loss
  • Sends Texts and Email alerts
  • Built in Auto-Recharging Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Configurable Settings

Level Sense (by Sump Alarm) is the all purpose basement or room protector. This high quality, industry leading sump pump and home environmental alarm is packed with features at an economical price.

Set alarms based on power failure, high and low temperature, high and low humidity, water leaks and water level.

Sends text and email notifications and sounds a 100dB horn when alarm conditions occur. Configure alarms to be sent to unlimited recipients.

Level Sense Will:

  • Send an Alert Before Your Sump Overflows via E-Mail and/or Text Message
  • Show the Depth of Water in your Sump Online (no lifting the lid on the sump anymore)
  • Can Detect & Alert on Humidity (The Leading Indicator of Mold Growth)
  • Detect and Send an Alert for Temperatures Above and Below those you Specify Guarding against Frozen Pipes
  • Detects Leaks Using the Included Leak Sensor that can be used for a Second Line of Defense for the Sump Pump, Water Heater or Another Purpose
  • Alert if AC Power is Lost to the Unit (i.e. if power is out to your pump)
  • Alert (after a duration you specify) if Internet Connection is Lost
  • Interface to a Home Alarm (or other device)

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If you have questions about a Level Sense PRO or another product please do not hesitate to call our experts at 855.329.4519.