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Product Spotlight - Myers ME45 Series Pumps

The Myers® ME45 Series Effluent Pump is designed to meet the demand of residential septic tanks or sump applications. This powerful 1/2 HP effluent pump provides flow and head required for demanding dosing systems and drainage applications.

Myers ME45 Effluent Pump Features

  • Powerful Torque: High-Torque, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) Motor; No Starting Switches or Relays to Wear Out.
  • Rugged and Cool: Rugged-Built, Oil-Filled Motor for Continuous Bearing Lubrication and Maximum Heat Dissipation.
  • Seal Protection: Upper and Lower Ball Bearing and Heavy Duty Type 6 Seal for Added Pump Life.
  • Thermal Protection: Heat Sensor Overload Protection with Automatic Reset when Motor Cools to a Safe Operating Temperature.


  • Effluent Removal
  • Sump Drainage
  • Water Transfer
  • Flood Control

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