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Troubleshooting Jet Pump: Noisy Pump (Cavitation)

Cavitation is usually suspected when there is a loud noise in the pump. It is often described as a loud grinding noise or gravel in the pump. Cavitation is the formation of bubbles or cavities in liquid that are created at low pressure. It is the result of a drop in pressure of liquid moving through the eye of the pump’s impeller.

What is the cause of cavitation?

Low Water Level. The water level has possibly dropped down near the foot valve. Pay attention to this after sprinklers running through an irrigation cycle or another significant prolonged use of water.

Clogged Foot Valve. The foot valve at the end of your suction line may be in mud or sand. You will need to pull the drop pipe and inspect the foot valve. Test the spring and clean it up as necessary.

Suction pipe is too small or too long. If the diameter of the suction pipe is too small or the length of pipe is too long it can create enough friction loss to lower pressure on the inlet side.

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