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Troubleshooting a Jet Pump: Low Pressure or Flow

If you are experiencing low water pressure or low flow I have included some troubleshooting steps below to help diagnose the cause.

  1. Check to see if there is water in the pump. If there is no water in the pump, it may have lost its prime. You may have lost prime because the well has run dry, check valve has gone bad, foot valve has gone bad, or you have a leak in the suction pipe.
  2. If there is water in the pump, the internal jet may be plugged. Remove the jet injector from the pump and try to clear the obstruction with a coat hanger or something similar.
  3. If you have ruled out the previous possibilities, you may have a motor problem or an internal pump problem. The internal problem could be the impeller, diffuser or another issue that may require opening up the pump case to explore further.

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