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What is a splice box?

What is a splice box?

It’s all in the name! Splice boxes are used to protect the spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and pumping equipment (like sewage pumps and float switches). The Orenco splice boxes we offer are installed either inside (Internal) or outside (External) septic tank access risers. I’ve outlined the benefits of both types below.

Orenco Internal Splice Boxes are installed on the inside wall of concrete, PVC, and fiberglass access risers. The box is made of sturdy PVC, which is UL type 4X rated for use in wet locations. The lid-to-box connection is sealed watertight with a neoprene gasket and four stainless steel screws. They come standard with one to six watertight cord grips and waterproof wire nuts, allowing you to select the correct amount for a variety of applications.

Orenco External Splice Boxes are installed on the outside wall of fiberglass or PVC access risers, which allows more working room inside the riser. They are the only externally-mounted splice box that is UL Type 6P listed for wastewater use, meaning it is completely waterproof (even when submerged!). The watertight design is extremely useful for locations prone to high groundwater or heavy rainfall. Comes standard with four watertight cord grips, unused cord grips can be plugged with the supplied cord grip plugs.

Want to see how simple they are to install? Check out the RC Worst YouTube Channel!

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