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Hymax 2 869-54-45272-16 10" EPDM 45 Degree Elbow 10.70-12.00 O.D.

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SKU: HMX869-54-45272-16

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HYMAX 2 ELBOW (sizes 2″-12″) is a wide-range coupling with an elbow of 45° or 90° angle. It connects a large variety of pipe materials and different diameters.

Fast and easy to install, HYMAX ELBOW has only 2 bolts. Its pressure-assisted hydraulic gasket allows for dynamic deflection of 4° per end.

Hymax 2 45 Degree Elbow Features

  • 869-54-45272-16; 10" EPDM 45 Degree Elbow
  • Wide-Range Coupling with an Elbow of 45° or a 90° Angle
  • Patented Hydraulically-Assisted Gasket Easily Flips In or Out to Accomodate Larger ND Pipes
  • Using the Game-Changing Hymax Technology, Proven in Over 1M Installations in North America
  • Connects a Large Variety of Pipe Materials
  • Joins Two Pipes of the Same or Different Diameters and Materials
  • Fast and Easy Installation, Two Top-Facing Bolts
  • Dynamic Deflection of 4° Per End

Hymax 2 45 Degree Elbow Specifications

  • Meets or Exceeds Standards AWWA C-219, NSF 61 and NSF 372
  • SIZE: 10" Nominal Pipe Size
  • PIPE O.D. RANGE: 10.70 - 12.00
    • CENTER RING: ASTM A53 Grade A Steel
    • END RINGS: ASTM A283/A283M Grade C Steel
    • SPHERICAL SPACERS: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    • GASKET: EPDM Compounded for Water and Sewage, Meets International Standards for Contact with Drinking Water
    • BRIDGE: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    • COATING: 100% Fusion Bonded for Enhanced Corrosion Protection. Nominal Thickness 14MIL
    • NUTS AND BOLTS: AISI 304 Stainless Steel. Rolled Thread and Anti-Galling Coating

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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