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Our AXRT Installation Training Video - Are you interested in becoming an Idaho Certified AdvanTex Installer? Factory training is required in some Idaho health districts. This video provides you with the information needed to successfully install the AdvanTex® system. If you want to be a registered AdvanTex® installer, please watch this entire video and let us know. We will contact your health district to let them know you completed the factory training required to become an AdvanTex® installer.

Orenco AdvanTex RT Installation Manual - This is your 101 guide to installing the AdvanTex system. Do it right the first time by reading this manual cover to cover before you head out to the jobsite.

Orenco® AdvanTex® Brochure

AX20RTAMODE3 - Typical Size Home - Nitrogen Reduction - Gravity to Drainfield Drawing

® system. If you want to be a registered AdvanTex® installer, please watch this entire video and let us know. We will contact your health district to let them know you completed the factory training required to become an AdvanTex® installer.

Orenco's VeriComm® Webpage - The brains of the whole operation. The VeriComm® control system keeps your on-site system connected and under a watchful eye. No customer appreciates that alarm buzzer that wakes up the whole neighborhood. With the VeriComm® system

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    Recirculating Gravel Filter vs. AdvanTex® Comparison

    Installation Tips

    • Lid Height Placement - Plan and set all the tank lids and access openings to about 2" above finish grade. By placing the lids above grade, it helps to keep dirt, grass and debris from getting trapped in the lid gasket. Also, the treatment system lids open on a hinge and require some area to operate or the hinges can be damaged.
    • Gravity Outlet Elevation - The elevation of the gravity outlet on the AXRT-A systems exits the tank at 39.5" from top of tank (TOT). With lid placement at 2" above finish grade, that places the outlet at 37.5" below finish grade at the tank location. Often either a deep bury drainfield or elevation drop is required to feed that drainfield system with gravity flow. The discharge pump system can be provided and is integrated right in the treatment tank. Please let us know if you need a gravity or discharge pump system in advance so we can get you the right system the first time.
    • AdvanTex Deadmen ExampleAnti-flotation Provisions- The AdvanTex® system operates about 1/2 full of liquid. In high ground water areas, dead-men should be installed to insure the AdvanTex® doesen't float out of the ground. Of course, concrete tanks can float too, so plan them accordingly. We have arrived at a solution that includes stainless cable and concrete deadmen that can be installed either at each end, or along the sides of the tank. Please contact us at the information below for further details.
    • Risers, Lids and Tank Attachments - Most septic tanks can be ordered with Orenco's PRTA24 riser adapters cast right in. The PVC risers can also be cast in as well if the final elevations are know before setting the septic tank. Normally these risers come out to be between 9" and 12" on a flat site based on the set finish grade determined by the AdvanTex® unit lid height and inlet elevation. Using the PRTA24 adapters, or a GRADE RING one can adjust the height to the exact level and epoxy to finish (using Orenco MA320 two-part-epoxy). We only allow PVC tank risers and quality tank covers on AdvanTex installation because these lids are our O&M provider's window to the world so to speak, and they will be opening them over and over for the life of the system. We offer a full line of risers and lids, but these can be purchased through the concrete tank provider as well.
    • Panel Placement - Do you want happy customers? They won't be happy if the VeriComm® panel is mounted on the wall behind their bed. This panel includes a magnetic contactor that provides the mechanism to start and stop the treatment and drainfield pump(if needed). Each time a pump starts and stops, a faint "THUMP" can be heard through from the exterior mounted panel. We recommend mounting the panel on a "non-living" exterior wall, or on a post or pedistal just off the home exterior. There is nothing worse than getting a call from an angry customer asking you to do something about that, "blasted thumping."
    • System Placement - Landscape LidsThe AdvanTex® systems are very quiet and use very little air, so smells are seldom and issue, but most homeowners don't want to walk out onto their deck and see the system lids while entertaining or barbecuing dinner. Of course, the lids are green in color to match lawns, but we also offer Orenco's full line of patterened Landscape Lids to match most groundcover materials. Do everyone a favor and install the system in an area away from frequent activity. Your client will thank you! Check out Orenco's Landscape Lid Brochure here.
    • Backfill and Settling Provisions - Everyone knows that backfill is very important and settling when excavations are deep. If not backfilled properly, the conduits and piping connections can be stressed or even break as the excavated earth settles. Native fill is okay when backfillin the fiberglass AdvanTex® treatment tank, but special care should be taken to select fill consisting of fairly fine material. As the backfill progresses, most fill should be compacted using a Jumping Jack or simular compaction tool to insure all piping and conduits are not subject to the stress caused by settling soil. We offer settling relief products specific to the discharge piping exiting the AdvanTex® unit. Our AFS Flex Aassemblies can help to reduce the stress caused by settling soils.

    Need a septic tank in Idaho? Look no Further

    Lar-Ken Concrete Products - Our sole source for septic tanks in Southern Idaho. Lar-Ken is currently producing the only tank in Idaho approved by Orenco® for the AdvanTex® RT program because they build a quality, leak-free tank. Lar-Ken can deliver the AdvanTex® treatment unit at the same time they deliver the septic tank to your site.

    Wilbert Precast's Septic Tank Page - If you are looking for a septic tank that meets Orenco's tank requirements in the Idaho Panhandle, look no further than Wilbert Precast out of Spokane, Washington. Order the 1604M (1000 gallon) or the 1611M (1500 gallon) to include cast-in PVC riser adapters, and the 4" Press Seal Boots at the tank inlet and outlet.

    Questions or Comments, contact Allen Worst @ 208.770.2535 or

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