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R.C. Worst & Co. is a third generation owned company that prides itself in drawing and keeping the very best employees in North Idaho. You can trust this highly trained staff to assist you find the right equipment and supplies for any application.

Ken Worst

Ken Worst - President - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Ken, along with his brother Allen, grew up learning the nuances of this family owned business and has carried on the important traditions of selling quality products and providing excellent customer service as taught to him by his father, Jim Worst. Ken oversees the operations of the company and it is his steady hand that guides the R.C. Worst & Co. ship. He provides the financial oversight to insure stability and longevity for their long-time customers, employees and future generations of family owners.

At Worst since 1987

Allen Worst

Allen Worst - Vice President - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Allen, who has advanced himself to be recognized as one of the authoritative figures on waste water treatment in the state of Idaho, is responsible for overseeing the development and specifications of complex water and waste water systems for the company. Working closely with regulatory bodies such as the Department of Environmental Quality and the Panhandle Health Department, Allen is a popular speaker and presenter of continued education programs throughout the state of Idaho. If he is not at work, you can usually find Allen underwater. As a technical rebreather diver and open circuit instructor, Allen finds nearly every excuse to get wet.

At Worst since 1992

Chris Worst

Chris Worst - Senior Manager - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Chris, son of Ken Worst, represents the fourth generation of family members to learn the ropes of the pumping industry. His primary responsibilities are to maintain function and progress for the growth and development of our website.

At Worst since 2012

Scott Jessick

Scott Jessick - Sales Manager - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Scott, a member of the management team and 24-year employee of the company, began his career in the service department and worked his way up through the ranks to be the guiding force and energy source that drives the sales team for this customer service oriented company. Scott's leadership and spirited personality provides the needed spark to this responsive sales team that has experienced steady and continued financial growth. Scott ensures that the sales and service elements merge as equal partners.

At Worst since 1995

Paul Karnitz

Paul Karnitz - Purchasing Manager - Coeur d'Alene, ID

How long is forever? In marriage, that term can be applied loosely. But for Paul, 39 years of service to this great company is very close to forever. Coordinating the purchasing efforts that directly affect sales and production are primary and key functions to this important position. Throw in inventory control and the daily updating of current pricing and part numbers and you soon get a better understanding of how key and valuable Paul Karnitz is to R.C. Worst & Co.

At Worst since 1980

Ray Koberstine

Ray Koberstine, P.E. – Manager/Engineer, Spokane

It was January of 1993 when Ray became the resident engineer for R.C. Worst & Co.'s wholesale outlet in Spokane. Working closely with regional engineers on large, engineered lift, booster and treatment systems provided him the well rounded experience he needed to take over the management duties of this location in 2005. The reliable design of these complex, packaged systems keeps Ray's crew busy and considered the premier source for such products in the Inland Empire. Directing customers in the development of these systems and being recognized as the authority of said systems in our area is a great source of gratification for Ray and his team.

At Worst since 1993

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox - Technical Sales - Coeur d'Alene, ID

This Idaho native drove from Georgia to pursue a career in the water/wastewater industry. While at work he is often found helping customers size and select products, producing videos for Youtube channel, and educating himself on the industry. He shares his home with his lovely wife, beautiful daughter and dexterous dog, and is often found exploring the inland Northwest or playing halo.

At Worst since 2016

James Pricket

James Prickett - Technical Sales - Coeur d'Alene, ID

James, a newer member of the technical sales team, has lived in the Pacific Northwest his whole life. While at work he spends his time obtaining knowledge about water/wastewater systems, specifically Advanced Treatment Systems. Outside of the workspace, James spends his free time attending many concerts and music festivals but can also be found at any local Italian restaurant eating copious amounts of spaghetti.

At Worst since 2019

Michael Bronson

Michael Bronson - Purchasing Agent - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Michael’s attention to detail and great computer skills make for a great asset to the RC Worst purchasing team. He and his wife, Kylee, were married in 2018. They enjoy spending time with their two cats. Michael grew up traveling the east coast, likes watching scary movies and enjoys cooking. He is an amusement park enthusiast and never passes up a chance to ride a roller coaster.

At Worst since 2018

 Dave Harris

Dave Harris - Warehouse Supervisor - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Unless the house is in order, there is chaos. As Warehouse Supervisor, the performance of Dave's duties provide an assurance that the parts and components necessary to construct the simplest or most complicated water and wastewater treatment packages can be assembled correctly and in a timely fashion. An 19-year career at R.C. Worst & Co. insures that the critical functions of shipping, receiving and upkeep of the warehouse and yard are in capable hands. Dave is also an accomplished outdoor sportsman who seldom struggles to fill the freezer with fish or wild game.

At Worst since 2000

Rick Hayes

Rick Hayes - Technical Sales - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Rick brings humor and a great attitude to the RC Worst. Rick enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter. He loves to hunt, fish and play sports with his kids. Rick was a residential electrician in California before moving north to join family already living in the Inland Northwest. We are happy he made the move as he is a great asset to the service team.

At Worst since 2017

Joe Follini

Joe Follini - Service Technician - Coeur d'Alene, ID

This friendly, transplanted New Yorker brings a "Git er done" attitude to his duties at R.C. Worst & Co. A typical day may find Joe pulling and repairing well or sewer pumps or maybe, installing new motor controls. From electrical to plumbing he brings a variety of expertise and skills that make him a valuable member of the service team. When Joe arrives at a location you will see a concerted and focused effort made to complete the job in a timely fashion and leave the area as he found it.

At Worst since 2005


Nate Zavala - Service Technician - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Nate, a newer member of “Worst” service crew, always brings a smile and a great attitude to the job. In his free time you can find him hunting, fishing, competing in long range shooting, or spending time with his wife and young son. He is a Northwest native, having grown up in Bend, Oregon and parts of Idaho. At the age of sixteen, Nate surfed with Danny Devito’s son. He claims that he was taller than him, however, no photographic evidence has been provided.

At Worst since 2019

Cole Amende

Cole Amende - Service Technician - Coeur d'Alene, ID

This gentle giant is capable of great feats of strength. His capabilities in moving heavy objects is matched by his ability to service pumps and water systems alike.

At Worst since 2014

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