We offer pool cover pumps ideal for transferring water from flooded basements, flat roofs, swimming pool covers, waterbeds, and aquariums. 3/4" hose, 0.75" hose discharge, hose thread. Browse all garden hose transfer pumps below.

Myers SPS-6 Dewatering Utility Pump 1/6 HP 115V Manual Myers SPS-6, SPS6, utility pump, dewatering pump, 24665D000
Price: $137.25
Availability: Out of Stock
Myers Item #: MYRSPS6 -
Power-Flo PFUEG Hose Utility Pump 0.083 HP 115V 1PH Manual 10 Cord Power-Flo, PFUEG, Hose, Utility Pump, Waterbed, Aquarium, De-water, Sink, 1/12HP
Price: $107.25
Availability: Special Order
Power-Flo Item #: PFPFUEG -

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