The Orenco® AdvanTex® AX20RT Residential Wastewater Treatment Package System

For years, AdvanTex® Treatment Systems has helped people improve property that would have otherwise been considered un-buildable. How is this possible? The following are just a few ways that this amazing technology has helped folks realize their dream.

Clean Clear Effluent

Through the addition of the aerobic (in the presence of oxygen) treatment process, AdvanTex® technology can consistently reduce constituents considered harmful to our environment. Taking settled and liquefied waste from a typical septic tank system, AdvanTex® is able to further reduce the raw waste constituents substantially. For example, the effluent normally discharged to the drainfield from a septic tank alone averages 130 mg/L of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), and 40 mg/L of Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Both of these measurements quantify the amount of material left in the waste that can be removed through additional treatment. Often, in a septic tank only system, the remaining treatment is left up to the drainfield, and if the drainfield is unable to handle the treatment load, or the solid material blinds off the porosity of the soil, and expensive disposal system failure can result. With the addition of AdvanTex®, BOD and TSS can both be reduced to below 10 mg/L.

With the job of further treating the waste off the drainfield's shoulders, it is left with only clean clear liquid to dispose of. This reduction in load on the drainfield can dramatically decrease the likelihood of drainfield failure over the life of the system.

Regulatory and Siting Advantages of AdvanTex® Treatment

In most states including Idaho and Washington, a loading rate increase to the drainfield system is allowed when AdvanTex® treatment is used. This increase in loading rates, by up to 30% in some cases, reduces the overall drainfield size, or allows the disposal of more waste water in a smaller area. Often this advantage alone can mean the difference between building your dream home, or a compromise due to home size or bedroom number restrictions.

Often a vertical reduction is granted between the bottom of the drainfield trench bottom and underlying water, gravel, or soil that is impermeable in nature. These reductions can, in many circumstances, be substantial and often make the difference between permitting a system and owning a "recreational lot" that is determined non-buildable.

The reduction of Nitrogen and/or nitrates has also been a huge concern of late. Excessive nitrogen in drinking water has proven to contribute methemoglobinemia or "blue baby syndrome." Nitrogen can be the driving nutrient in algae blooms in coastal waters. Often the environmental impact of development is determined by the overall quantity of nitrogen the improvement is predicted to add to ground or surface water. By reducing Total Nitrogen by up to 65%, this impact can be limited with the addition of AdvanTex® treatment.

About AdvanTex®

AdvanTex® Treatment Systems turn wastewater into clear, odorless effluent. Our AX Series produces effluent that exceeds Secondary Treatment Standards, and the AX20 model, rated at 500 gpd, successfully passed the NSF/ANSI Standard 40 testing protocol for Class 1 Systems.

The heart of the AdvanTex® Treatment System is the AdvanTex® filter media — an engineered textile material. This highly absorbent material treats a tremendous amount of wastewater in a very small space.

With AdvanTex®, there are no odors. No noisy, power-hungry blowers. No activated sludge to manage or pump. No discharge of untreated sewage during peak flows or emergencies.

AdvanTex® Treatment Systems are easy to service and clean, and use very little power. Their operation is virtually invisible to property owners when they are packaged with our Vericomm® remote telemetry unit and its round-the-clock, Web-based monitoring package.

Because the AdvanTex® Treatment Systems recirculate and blend the treated waste on a continual basis, surge or season flows are not an issue. High quality effluent is discharged even during times when the system has gone for long periods of time without incoming flow.

Compact and affordable, Orenco's AdvanTex® Treatment Systems provide consistent, reliable onsite treatment of residential and commercial wastewater, even under peak conditions.

AdvanTex® Treatment Systems are ideal for small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, and nitrogen reduction.

Low lifecycle costs make AdvanTex® Treatment Systems your best value for onsite wastewater treatment.

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