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Shakti QF360-1 12" Submersible Pump End Only 1100 GPM 40 HP

Price: $2,873.75
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SKU: SKT9000003512

Shipping Weight:
114.0 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 10 In
Width: 10 In
Height: 30 In
WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Shakti 12" Submersible Pump End

Shakti submersible water pump is in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design and impeccable quality. It has carved a niche as the most predominant submersible pump and the company is one of the leading suppliers of submersible pumps in India. It is available in all size range starting from 100 mm. Shakti submersible pumps are manufactured from the superlative quality raw material using advanced fabrication technology, which ensure optimum performance and excellent quality.

Pump body is made with anti corrosive material with high wear resistance resulting in reduction in running costs and higher pumping efficiency and longevity. The pump can work continuously for a longer period of time without any trouble. Higher reliability and best results even under harsh conditions make it acceptable to its users.

Shakti 12" Submersible Pump End Application

  • Raw Water Supply
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Groundwater Lowering
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Industrial Applications

Shakti 12" Submersible Pump End Features

  • Wide Range Pump: We Offer Submersible Pumps with Energy - Efficient Duty Points Ranging from 1m3/h to 280/h. The Pump Range Consists of many Pump Sizes and each Pump Size is Available with an Optional Number of Stages to Match any Duty Point.
  • High Pump Efficiency: Often Pump Efficiency is a Neglected Factor Compared to the Price Variations and are Without Importance of Pump and Motor Efficiencies.
  • Applications: We Offer A Complete Range of Pumps and Motors which as a Standard are made Completely of Stainless Steel AISI-304. This Provides for a Good Wear Resistance and a Reduced Risk of Corrosion when Pumping Ordinary Cold Water with a Minor Content of Chloride.
  • Low Installation Costs: Stainless Steel Means Low Weight Facilitating the Handling of Pumps and Resulting in Low Equipment Costs and Reduced Installation and Service Time. In Addition Pumps will be as new After Service Due to the High Wear Resistance of Stainless Steel.
  • Bearings with Sand Channels: All Bearings are Water-Lubricated and have a Square Shape, Enabling Sand Particles, if any, to Leave the Pump Together with the Pumped Liquid.
  • Inlet Strainer: The Inlet Strainer Prevents Particles Over A Certain Sizer from Entering the Pump.
  • Non-Return Valve: All Pumps are Equipped with a Reliable Non-Return Valve in the Valve Casing Preventing Back Flow in Connection with Pump Stoppage. The Short Closing Time of the Non-Return Valve Means that the Risk of Destructive Water Hammer is Reduced to a Minimum. Valve Casing is Designed for Optimum Hydraulic Properties to Minimize the Pressure Loss Across the Valve and thus Contributes to the High Efficiency  of the Pump.
  • Priming Screw: All QF and QF 30 Pumps are Fitted with a Priming Screw. Consequently, Dry Running is Prevented Because the Priming Screw will Make Sure that the Pump Bearing are Always Lubricated.
  • Stop Ring: The Stop Ring Prevents Damage to the Pump During Transport and in Case of Up-Thrust in Connection with Start-Up. 

Shakti QF360-1 12" Submersible Pump End Specifications

  • MAXIMUM HEAD: 185’
  • IMPELER DESIGN: Floating Stack
  • IMPELLER MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BODY MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

Shakti 12" Submersible Pump End 1100 GPM Pump Curve

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Shakti 12" Submersible Pump End Product Resources


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Shakti Limited Warranty

Warranty Policy: The warranty period for the dealers/distributors is 24 months from the invoice date or 36 months from production date(printed on laser mark of product). Whichever ends earlier must be considered as the warranty period.

Shakti Pumps USA LLC warrants that all products will:

  • Be free from defects to the design except to the degree such goods are manufactured to Company's design
  • Conform to applicable specifications, drawings, samples or other technicalities
  • Be free from defects in material or workmanship
  • Be merchantable and fit for such particular applications and uses as specified by Company
  • Be free of liens and encumbrances

Shakti reserves the right to Repair, Replace, Refurbish or Exchange goods with an item in similar or better condition to the item returned. Products that are no longer available may be replaced with another products that has the same features (or better) than the returned item. If required the buyer must return the product to Shakti premises at free port. The warranty will be recognized by unobjectionable Shakti technical department.

This warranty will immediately void if any of the following conditions are found

  • Dry run of pump sets
  • lmpure water due to sand particles
  • By installation without suitable protection system
  • cosmetic damage
  • damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or due to improper use, installation, operation or maintenance
  • modification of or to any part of the Product
  • Selections of wrong pump set & accessories or if the pump is wrongly installed.
  • attempted service by anyone other than a Shakti authorized service center
  • Products not purchased from an authorized Shakti dealer
  • Other reasons beyond Shakti's control.

This policy is made to provide customers more services within less time. The company is not liable for any mental or monetary suffering or emotional distress associated with it. All legal matters will be subjected to Indore, lndia jurisdiction.

DISCLAIMER: Warranties can never be oral. A seller's oral statement to a buyer concerning the sale of a particular product should never trigger a warranty. As this is difficult to prove any oral statements about the product made by the seller, the Company, the representatives or any other parties shall not be relied upon by the buyer, and are not part of the contract for sale. The Seller's sole and exclusive liability is to replace/repair the product or to refund the purchase price upon the return of such products in accordance with Seller's instructions. The buyer, not the seller, must assume a11service or repair costs.

The cost of shipping to buyer a repaired or replaced product shall be paid by Seller on the same shipping terms as the original shipment of such product to buyer. Except as stated herein, buyer shall assume all responsibility and expense for any dismantling, removal, reinstallation, and shipping in connection with this Limited Warranty, and no claims will be allowed for labor, shipping, materials, or other costs incident to the repair, replacement, or return of a product

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