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Commercial AdvanTex Treatment Systems are a passive, multiple-pass, packed bed aerobic wastewater treatment technology specifically designed for long-term process of domestic and higher strength wastewater. Packed bed filter technology has long been recognized as an excellent method for treating domestic and commercial strength waste streams, while dramatically reduction the long-term cost of operation. As a stand alone solution or in combination with other technologies, AdvanTex can provide extensive reductions in organic and nutrient waste.

Specifically, AdvanTex textile treatment systems can reduce cBOD and TSS to less than 5 mg/L at low to moderate loading rates, while higher loading rates product cBOD and TSS in the 15-25 mg/L range. Nitrogen reduction typically exceed 60% to 70% and higher, depending on system configuration.

Other wastewater technologies struggle with variable flows and periods of complete inactivity. The AdvanTex treatment system meters flow from a holding tank over the media using timed dosing during all hours of the day. Short, controlled doses are introduced to the biology inside the media providing very consistent treatment. During periods of heavy or low flow, the tankage provides surge storage buffering the surges from the actual treatment process until it can be applied and treated at a controlled rate.

The AdvanTex compliment of commercial products offer a wide range of scalable and phase-able solutions for wastewater treatment and disposal problems. Some of the problems we are experiencing today stem from the poor management practices of the past, or simply our current rate of population growth. In order to protect our local water resources, economical treatment technologies like AdvanTex help to keep our water resources clean for future generations.

AdvanTex AX-Max, AX-Mobile and AX100 treatment system area scales up version of Orenco's AX residential-sized filters, which have undergone third-party evaluation and have successfully passed ANSI testing protocols. The AX20, rated at 500 GPD, successfully passed the ANSI/NSF Standard 40 testing protocol for Class 1 systems (the first packed bed filter to do so), with effluent cBOD averaging 5 mg/L and TSS averaging 4 mg/L. More than 30,000 AdvanTex filters of all sizes have been installed in the U.S. and in more than 30 countries around the world.

The Program

Along with this amazing product, Orenco Systems, Inc. and R.C. Worst & Co., Inc. are here to support your efforts to find the best solution for your wastewater treatment and disposal needs. From fiberglass septic tanks to disinfection products, the solution is only a phone call away.

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