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Jung Pumpen G2DT-23 Submersible Grinder Pump 2 HP 230V 3PH

Price: Discontinued
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Discontinued or no longer available.

Shipping Weight:
66.0 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 14 In
Width: 14 In
Height: 24 In
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Jung Pumpen G2DT Description

Introducing the Multicut™High Torque Cutting System

Superior Solid Handling Performance

Today, one of the biggest problems facing solids handling pumps and the professional plumbing contractors who install them is the clogging, roping and binding caused by ever increasing amounts of disposable consumer products entering the waste stream. From diapers to panty hose, towels to twine - the demands placed on today's sewage systems require a more intelligent way to prevent clogs.

The secret behind MultiCut's exceptional power and reliable performance is not simply the result of its high quality commercial components, or even the system's energy efficient continuous duty motor. While the system's long life stainless steel cutter plate and high torque blades are powerful enough to eradicate even the stingiest of solids, it is Multicut's unique ability to automatically reject 'uncuttable' debris safely away from the pump hydraulics that places Jung Pumpen Grinder Pumps a cut above the competition.

Multicut - Intelligent clog prevention throughbetter design, only from Jung Pumpen.


Jung Pumpen G2DT Specifications

  • 56 feet max head
  • 73 GPM max flow rate
  • 230V, 3 PH
  • 25' SOOW 12/6 AWG12 power cable
  • Ball bearings
  • NBR 70 o-rings
  • Lip type shaft seal (motor side)
  • SiC mechanican shaft seal (medium side)
  • Cast iron volute material
  • 1-1/4" NPT discharge
  • Cast iron impeller
  • 2K Epoxy coated
  • 1.4112, 57 HRC (SST) cutter
  • 1.4112, 57 HRC (SST) cutter plate

Jung Pumpen G2DT Innovative Features

  • Maximum torque improves disintergration of solids and fibrous matter
  • Adjustable self-cleaning cutter blades provides longer blade life and lower maintenance costs
  • Intelligent Trash-Rejection prevents clogging and preserves blades and motor
  • Continuous duty rated/high efficiency motor which maintains performance specs at 100% duty cycle
  • Air cooled motor outperforms oil-filled motors for superior cooling
  • Oil free motor for cleaner maintenance and no oil disposal issues
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seals provides superior abrasion resistance
  • Dry run safe seals conducts heat from seal when pump is run dry
  • Double seal with leak detection/seal fail alert

Jung Pumpen G2DT Performance Curve


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