AFS On-site wastewater disposal products like the drip irrigation septic system can help to move effluent into the ground using the most efficient methods possible. Additional benefits of our drip irrigation septic system include a high level of freeze protection for your distribution system.


  • on-site wastewater disposal of treated or septic tank effluent
  • provides a very effective solution for irrigation and water reuse in green space areas
  • can be used to dose various types of on-site systems including: mounds and medial filters


  • patented orifice controlled continuous flush design insures precise and consistent field flow and pressure regulation, limits tampering, and eliminates valve drift and erosion during operation
  • in-tank headworks provides better protection from freezing and simplifies installation
  • completely assembled and ready for installation on any tank
  • solenoid valves are eliminated to reduce complexity and further prevent freezing in cold climates
  • fits on any type of dose tank
  • provides quick and easy removal of entire pump and filter assembly
  • provides quick and easy removal of return assembly


  • 24" dia. X 24" or 36" PVC riser
  • 24" dia. Orenco Systems, Inc. Durafiber lid with 2" insulation optional
  • Orenco Systems, Inc. external splice box with heavy duty velcro loop for clean float and pump cord storage
  • supply quick disconnect piping and removal handle for easy service of filter, pump and flow meter
  • return quick disconnect piping and handle for easy service of return piping and orifice
  • liquid filled supply and return pressure gauges for quick setup and pressure verification during startup and service events
  • integrated flow meter
  • pump drop piping for easy connection to high or low head effluent pump options
  • patented fixed orifice flow and pressure control software sized for precise control of field flushing and pressure parameters
  • float bracket attached to riser interior wall for quick removal
  • serviceable system filter
  • completely assembled piping network
  • hydraulic modeling consultation with output included for engineering/system sizing


  • PDF - AFS Headworks System Detail
  • PDF - Drip Disposal Systems In Freezing Environments - Scott Wallace, P.E.
  • PDF - AFS Headworks Flyer
  • PDF - AFS Headworks Installation

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