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2021 Eljen Septic Systems Installations

Over 140 Eljen Septic Systems have been installed in the state of Idaho in 2021.

Coeur d’Alene, ID - bed design

Sandpoint, ID - trenches that wrap to the lay of the land

Sandpoint, ID - bed install

Bayview, ID - trench install on a beautiful lake view property

Hope, ID - another beautiful lake view property

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) is an alternative for onsite septic leach field systems. The Eljen Corporation has over 35 years of success in the onsite wastewater industry, with tens of thousands of systems currently in use. The GSF is recognized by regulatory officials and experts in the industry as one of the most reliable wastewater treatment technologies in the marketplace today. They are typically used when there is not enough space for a conventional stone and pipe system, or if a certain treatment level is needed. The system area depends on how many bedrooms your home has, state or local regulations, and site characteristics (what kind of soils, where the water table is, and if there is another limiting factor like bedrock/ledgerock).

Features & Benefits

  • Treatment and disposal in the same footprint
  • Smaller installation area than conventional systems
  • Reduced site impact
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Made from recycled materials

How the Eljen System Works

Cutaway of the GSF module showing the different treatment zones.

Each GSF Module is made up of a geotextile fabric and a plastic core material that work together to provide vertical surface area and oxygen transfer. The GSF System applies treated effluent to the soil, increasing the soil's long-term acceptance rate. A Specified Sand layer provides additional filtration, and prevents saturated conditions.

Primary Treatment Zone

  • Perforated pipe is centered above the GSF Module to distribute septic effluent over and into corrugations created by the plastic core of the GSF Module.
  • The GSF Module's unique design provides increased surface area for biological treatment of nutrients and contaminants.
  • Open air channels within the GSF Module support aerobic bacterial growth on the Module's geotextile fabric interface, and promotes oxygen in the system.
  • An anti-siltation geotextile fabric covers the top and sides of the GSF Module to protect the system from the migration of fines.
  • The GSF Module provides biomat management, and takes the burden of treatment and biomat development off of the native soil.

Secondary Treatment Zone

  • Effluent drips into the Specified Sand layer and supports unsaturated flow into the native soil.
  • The Specified Sand layer also protects the soil from compaction and helps maintain cracks and crevices in the soil.
  • Native soil provides final filtration and allows for groundwater recharge.

If you have questions about Eljen please do not hesitate to call our experts at 855.329.4519.