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Over 65 Years Strong – Still Bringing it Since 1953

When Robert Charles Worst “RC” offered to buy out his father-in-law, Fred Brown’s complete share of Brown Construction Company in 1953, one has to wonder what Mr. Worst was thinking. Did he know his business decision would result in a 65+ year legacy including contributions by his son, two grandsons, one great grandson, and an excellent group of fine employees?

Robert Charles Worst – “RC”

RC lived through tougher times and always looked at every job as an opportunity to demonstrate efficiency and cost effectiveness. He was often heard describing the best way to approach a problem or project. Through the years a few folks chose the opportunity to argue with him but, he was seldom wrong. His efficient and honest approach to service was admired by many and eventually RC passed down that business quality to his only son and generations beyond. It may have been this approach that instilled the values necessary for a company to survive the passing trends and hard times.

Jim Worst, RC’s only son, entered the business early. Working summers on the curb crew between school years, he embraced the hard work that was necessary to help expand our fledgling city of Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Armed with Engineering and Business degrees from the University of Idaho, Jim eventually returned to help RC with the day to day activities. Jim was as much at home behind a desk as he was behind the controls of construction equipment. Jim often brought the business mind and overall well-roundedness needed to keep a business going. He has since retired from full-time service to explore hiking trails in warmer climates during the cold winters of North Idaho. He still likes to get frequent updates on business activities.

Ken, Jim’s oldest son, entered the business in 1987 after three years serving his country in the United States Marine Corps. Having had “worked with Dad” nearly all his youth, Ken stepped in and up to Service Technician and eventually become project estimator and supervisor. Ken is now a huge part of what makes this company tick smoothly and efficiently. His duties as President and Information Systems Supervisor have proven key to the company’s ongoing success.

Serving many different roles in, as well as outside the company during his youth, Allen, Ken’s younger brother, began working in Sales and Estimating after graduating from the University of Idaho in 1994. Allen has spent a large amount of his time over the years developing new business for the company. As a compliment to wastewater pumping systems, Allen worked to bring on an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal capability which resulted in the company’s ability to solve complex wastewater siting problems for the residents of Idaho and Eastern Washington. Turning to technology as a solution to the most recent economic downturn, and with the valued help of others, Allen found a way to “go global” or at least North America with R.C. Worst’s product lines. Our website, is now quickly becoming a major part of our marketing strategy.

Ken’s son Chris has also jumped on the bandwagon to provide a “fresh” approach to our digital efforts. His contributions to the website have contributed to our online sales becoming a significant and measurable segment of our overall revenue generation. Chris has taken on new product development, technical and marketing support for the website.

As a 67 year old company, we recognize that without an entire crew of outstanding employees, we would not have made this monumental mark. Some of these folks have been with us through a large portion of our history including many who have made it their career in the pump business here at R.C. Worst & Co.

Sadly, R. C. Worst himself will not be with us to celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2023. He passed away in 1994 and has been dearly missed by all who knew him. But his legacy lives on in the family, in the excellent staff, and in the values we hold as one of Coeur d’Alene’s longest standing, local businesses.