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Product Spotlight - AFS sewage and sump pump basins

AFSPBA2024XX Section

AFS sewage and sump pump basins are built to be reliable, serviceable and extremely easy to install. Designed to be located outside the home or building structure, AFS sump and sewage pump basins provide a superior alternative to messy in-basement sump systems.


  • durable PVC basin construction
  • secure fiberglass lid provided.
  • AFS Discharge Assembly provides integrated PVC piping, check and ball valve elevated to provide access from basin opening.
  • elevated gauge port to provide easy field pump performance and design assessment/verification.
  • removable float tree
  • internal or external splice box options available
  • multiple pumps brand and type options to insure correct pump selection.
  • controls available to match pump system design requirements
  • discharge height set to 30" from top-of-tank to prevent piping freezing.


  • residential de-watering
  • residential sewage and sump
  • residential grinder applications
  • septic effluent pumping


  • PVC basin with epoxy bonded fiberglass bottom
  • fiberglass lid
  • AFS discharge assembly with integrated PVC piping, check and ball valve.
  • float tree bracket.
  • 4" inlet grommet (field installed)


  • multiple sewage, grinder, of effluent pump types and brands
  • floats and tree assemblies with adjustable float collars
  • explosion proof, internal and external splice boxes available
  • duplex or simplex configurations
  • AFS high- and low-pressure discharge flex assembly for external settling protection 


If you have any questions click the link here: AFS Sewage Pump Basins | Sump Pump Basins | R.C. Worst & Co. (, or Chat with us at, call 855.329.4519, or email to reach an industry expert.