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DIY Well Water Testing

Why do I need to test my drinking water?

In the case of well water, any change of circumstances is the right time to test your water.

Are you purchasing a home with drinking water supplied by a well?

Test the water to have a baseline for the quality of the water that you are purchasing. You may have been provided results of a test from a seller, however, it still may be a good idea to perform your own test to verify.

Are you selling a home with drinking water supplied by a well?

Test your water before or at the time of listing your home to avoid the embarrassing and possibly time consuming hurdle of dealing with this after accepting an offer and having it come up during the buyers inspection and/or feasibility period.

Do you have a new well?

This should be obvious so that you can have a baseline from the beginning.

How often do I need to test my water?

The EPA recommends testing your private well water at least one time per year.

Do you have any suspicions about your water? Have you noticed a change in the color or clarity? Is there a suspicious odor?

Time to test!

Looking for that peace of mind and keeping your family healthy? Call us today at RC Worst & Company to purchase your Watersafe Well Water Test Kit. The kit will test for unsafe or undesirable levels of ten common contaminants: bacteria, lead, pesticides, copper, iron, total nitrate/nitrite, nitrite, pH, total hardness, and total chlorine.

A home screening test can help a homeowner with peace of mind, however, it can not be used as a certification for safe or unsafe drinking water. If your water tests outside desired results, contact a local lab in your area for a certified result.

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