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How to Check and Adjust Your Pressure Tank

If you have your own water well system you probably have a pressure tank. It is important to check it every so often to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Note: It is important to turn off all power to the system and drain the system of any water pressure prior to checking your tank. You will depressurize your system by turning off the breaker to the pump and opening a faucet in your home. Leave the breaker off until you complete your check of the tank. Adjustments to a new tank should be done prior to installation.

You will need a gauge, preferably dial or digital, to check the pressure in the tank. A standard tire gauge with a Schrader valve will also work.

Follow the steps below to check and adjust pressure:

  1. With the pump breaker OFF, drain tank of all water by opening a faucet in the system.
  2. Remove protective air valve cap. If you find that water is leaking from the valve you may have a ruptured bladder and the tank will need to be replaced.
  3. Check pressure in the tank with your pressure gauge.
  4. Release or add air as necessary to make the pressure 2 psi below the pressure switch pump cut-in setting. For example, if you have a pressure switch setting of 30/50 psi, you pressure measured at the top of the tank should read 28 psi. Air can be added with a compressor or bicycle pump.
  5. Replace protective air valve cap.

Tip 1: If you do not know the pressure switch setting of your system, look for a pressure gauge installed near the tank or pressure switch. Open a faucet and take note of your pressure gauge reading when your pump turns on, this is your cut-in pressure.

Tip 2: If you suspect that you have a ruptured bladder in the tank, tap on the top and the bottom when the system is pressurized. If the bladder is okay, the tank will make a hollow sound at the top and a dull thud sound at the bottom. You are verifying that there is compressed air at the top and water at the bottom.

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