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How to Install Risers and Lids on Concrete Septic Tanks w/ Round Hole

Installing risers and lids will allow for easy access for inspection, repairs, and septic tank pumping. While there is an up front cost, it can be offset over time by the cost to locate and dig everytime you need access to the tank.

Determine Riser Height. Tank risers are typically installed about 3 inches above grade. Having the lid above grade will make it easy to find, however, some people will choose to have the lid just a couple of inches below grade so that is easier to mow over and less visible. Over time, the lid can become covered by grass or other ground cover. Chosen height is completely up to personal preference.

1. Start by excavating down to the tank and cleaning and prepping around the existing hole as best as you can.

2. Apply the butyl sealant tape to the bottom of the tank adapter ring and secure the ring to the tank with stainless steel concrete anchors. The butyl sealant tape, concrete anchors, and adapter ring are shown below.

3. Apply half of the epoxy to the adapter ring and lower the riser on top of the ring.

4. Apply the second half of the epoxy on the inside of the riser where it attaches to the adapter. The epoxy and riser are shown below.

5. Attach the lid shown below with included bolts. Wait 24 hours before backfilling around the riser.