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Product Spotlight - HYMAX Grip

HYMAX Grip Reducer restrains pipes of differing diameters, with unmatched performance. Its patented pipe grip system is based on a universal gripping system designed to restrain metal and plastic pipes. The unique patented radial closing mechanism holds pipes tightly in place during installation, allowing full control over the gap between pipes. A patented GRIP chain offers circular restraint around the pipe, unlike typical wedge-style restraints that point-load the pipe.

Hymax Grip Reducer Features

  • Joins and Restrains A Wide Range of Piping Types and Diameters
  • Unique Radial Gripping System Prevents Pipe Motion
  • Universal Gripping Teeth Fit Metal and Plastic Pipes
  • Ready to use, Stab-Fit Design
  • Allows 4° Dynamic Deflection Per End, Reducing Future Damage
  • Durable Ductile Iron Body
  • Patented Hydraulically Assisted Gasket with 2-Stage Sealing

Product Resources

Download HYMAX Grip Family Brochure

Download HYMAX Grip Reducer Specifications

Download HYMAX Grip Reducer Installation Instructions

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