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Product Spotlight - HYMAX Versa

Available in sizes 1.5"-3", HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation is the only encapsulation repair sleeve of its size to quickly and easily repair coupler leaks, as well as other similar applications. It can be wrapped around leaking joints while water pressure is lowered to avoid cutting pipe, water shutdowns, boil water notifications and pipe de-chlorination processes.

The HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation accommodates 3 types of pipes – sizes 1.5-3" can repair joints connected to PVC and galvanized steel pipes. Size 2" can repair IPS HDPE pipe, using the attached FLAT GASKET KIT with one gasket on each side of the product.

The durable HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation is made from stainless steel and allows dynamic deflection of the pipe for up to three degrees per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks. Comparatively lightweight with only two bolts to tighten for the 5.5” length and four bolts for the 11” length, HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation make repairs safer and faster with less time spent in the ditch. 

Hymax Versa Encapsulation Coupling Features

  • 106-56-0081-16; 3.0" EPDM Encapsulation Coupling
  • A Unique Encapsulation to Quickly and Easily Repair Bell-Joint and Coupling Leaks
  • Fast and Easy to Install. Can be Wrapped Around Joints While Water Pressure is Lowered to Avoid Water Shutdowns.
  • Only 2 or 4 Top-Facing Bolts to Tighten
  • Durable Stainless Steel, Monoblock Design
  • Allows 3° Dynamic Deflection Per End, Reducing Future Pipe Damage

Product Resources

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