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Product Spotlight - Lakos Groundwater Sand Separator


  • Industry First - Independently Tested: Only LAKOS LGS Separators are Independently Tested by a 3rd Party for Filtration Performance.
  • Premium Filtration: LGS Separators are Uniquely Engineered to Remove Settleable Solids Commonly found in Groundwater; Filtration Efficiencies Average 99% of Particles 74 Microns and Larger at 2.6 SG.
  • No Maintenance Filtration: LGS Separators use Centrifugal Action to Remove Sand, Dirt and Silt from Groundwater. There are no Screens, Moving Parts, Discs or Fill Media to Replace or Maintain.
  • No Backwashing: LAKOS LGS Centrifugal Separators do not Require Backwashing to Remove Captured Dirt; Automated Periodic Purging Removes Captured Debris.
  • Low and Steady Pressure Loss: LAKOS LGS Separators Operate at a Steady Pressure Loss; Consistent Pressure Loss as Low as 3 psid.


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