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Product Spotlight - Barnes Rival Submersible Grinder Pump

The Barnes Rival Grinder Pumps is a 1 HP grinder pump engineered to vigorously reduce solids in residential sewage applications where basic sewage pumps continue to underperform. The Rival utilizes an axial flow grinding mechanism that provides superior clog resistance versus standard sewage ejectors. The Rival grinder pump is 115V compatible with the ability to retrofit in competitive basin packages.


  • Axial Cutter: Provides Superior Non-Clogging Versus Radial Designs.
  • Motor Options: 115V and 230V.
  • Retrofit: Designed for Drop in Retrofit to Replace any Existing Small Horsepower Residential Sewage Pump and other 1 HP Grinder Pumps.
  • Float: Available in Manual and Automatic Designs
  • Non-Overloading: Built to Handle Varying Pressures without Wear.


  • Residential solids handling

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