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Product Spotlight - Myers WHR Series Sewage Pumps

The Myers® WHR series sewage pumps feature all cast iron construction to withstand the most extreme conditions. Available in single seal, and double seal models for additional protection against water leakage. The enclosed two-vane impeller provides high-efficiency pumping and will handle stringy, trashy 2" solids without clogging. Designed for sewage and effluent and can be used for applications requiring high heads.


  • Versatile Applications Ideal for Residential and Commercial Sewage, Domestic Wastewater and Septic Systems.
  • Non-Clog Design Recessed Impeller Provides Maximum Efficiency and Eliminates Jamming Between Volute Case - Cast Iron Construction.
  • Cool Running Durable, Oil-Filled Motor for Continuous Bearing Lubrication and Maximum Heat Dissipation.
  • Powerful Starts High-Torque, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) Motor; No Starting Switches or Relays to Wear Out.
  • Thermal Protection Heat Sensor Overload Protection with Automatic Reset when Motor Cools to a Safe Operating Temperature.
  • High-Capacity Handling Passes Full 2" Solids.


  • Residential and Commercial Sewage
  • High Capacity Sump
  • Effluent
  • Domestic Wastewater
  • Septic Pumping Applications

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