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Product Spotlight - Orenco Stormwater Catch Basins

Orenco Stormwater Catch Basin Applications

Orenco’s Stormwater Catch Basin (SCB) is a cost-effective alternative to concrete or steel catch basins. It is ideal for jurisdictions that require filtration of stormwater before it is released onsite or to a stormwater collection system. It is well-suited for use in rainwater collection systems. The SCB is designed to screen materials as small as 1/8-inch (3mm) diameter out of stormwater.

Orenco Stormwater Catch Basin Features

Orenco's Stormwater Catch Basin (SCB) is based on Orenco's proven Screened Pump Vault technology and materials. Stormwater flows into the basin vault and is screened through the 1/8" (3mm) filter mesh before flowing out through the basin outlet. The filter has a nominal open area of 50%.

The inlet and outlet couplings on the SCB1236-6L accommodate 6-inch IPS pipe; the inlet and outlet couplings on all other models accommodate 4-inch IPS pipe. All SCB's use durable Orenco fiberglass lids and bases. Additionally, the SCB1236-L and SCB1236-6L come with stainless steel lid screws for enhanced security SCB's come with filters that are easy to remove and clean, simplifying maintenance.


Orenco Stormwater Catch Basin Product Data Sheet: NTD-SCB-1

Orenco Stormwater Catch Basin Installation Instructions: NIN-SCB-1

Orenco Stormwater Catch Basin Maintenance Instructions: NIN-SCB-OM-1

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