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Product Spotlight - Lakos Centrifugal-Action SandMaster Separators for Residential Water Well Systems

Product Spotlight - Lakos Centrifugal-Action Sand Master Separators for Residential Water Well Systems


Get the sand out. Protect your system from unwanted sand, grit, silt and scale particles. Whatever settles in 3-4 minutes or less is easily removed with a LAKOS Sand Separator.


  • Protects Faucet Screens, Washing Machine Strainers and Ice maker from Clogging
  • Extends the Operating Cycles and Life of Water Softeners, Charcoal Filters, RO Systems and Super-Fine Cartridge Filters.
  • Eliminates Troublesome Build-Up in Hot Water Heaters, Toilet Tanks and Tankless Water Heaters
  • Keeps Sprinklers Operating at Best Efficiency without Clogging or Restricted Spray Patterns
  • Improves Shower Sprays and Sand-Free Baths


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