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Residential Grinder Package - The GRUB (Grinder Residential Underground Basin)

Now introducing the R.C. Worst & Co. The Complete Residential Grinder Package. Or commonly known as the GRUB the Grinder Residential Underground Basin.

What is it?

The GRUB is a complete grinder system that arrives at the job site ready to be installed. All of the design work has been done for you! Here's what they're made of:

  • The basin is a sturdy, homogeneous, and seamless PVC pipe that has ribs that are perpendicular to the pipe's axis for extra strength. The Basin volume is 23.5 gallons per foot.
  • The pump is the newly redesigned Myers® VR Series residential grinder pump that features self-sharpening external blades.
  • The panel is the versatile CSI Controls Power Zone® featuring Zone Crossing® technology. This allows the contactor to switch off when the AC power is at or near 0 Vac, extending the life of the contactor considerably. This panel has the most programming abilities at an affordable price. An alarm only version is also available for the automatic pumps.
  • Hardy mechanical, mercury free floats are standard on the GRUB system
  • Automated Flow Systems, R.C. Worst's sister brand, construct the specially designed pump discharge assemblies. They are made to be easily accessible and flexible to allow for the inevitable basin settling without damaging the piping.
  • Orenco® internal splice boxes come standard. These splice boxes allow for easy access at the surface of the basin.

How do I know that I am selecting the right package?

We've gone through the trouble of selecting the proper package for you. Simply go through the GRUB's part selection guide and order the selected number at the end of the guide. The required information is the inlet height, the total elevation rise, and the total length of the piping network.

Also, ask about our pocket part number guide!

What if the rise and run aren't covered on the part selection guide?

No worries, simply give R.C. Worst a call at 855.329.4519 or send us an email at We have staff standing by to come up with a custom solution for almost any situation.

Are there more options that can be added to the GRUB?

Yes, there are! Contact R.C. Worst & Co. for more information and keep an eye out for the upcoming GRUB customization guide.

What kind of warranty can I get with the GRUB?

An industry leading 3-year warranty is available with the purchase of the GRUB. A two-year warranty is standard, however, the 3-year warranty requires an easy to fill out start-up report to be filed with Myers®

Shipping is expensive, how much will it set me back to ship this thing across the country?

This is an easy answer, shipping the complete grinder pump basin will cost you a total of $0 to ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. It’s free!

If you have any other questions regarding the GRUB, please let us know. We are glad to help out and answer any questions that you have. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the SHRUB (Solids Handling Residential Underground Basin).