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Spring Cleaning Tips for Private Water Well Owners - 2020

Things to do at Home While you are in Self-Isolation - Part 3

Are you looking for good projects to do while you are self-isolating at home? We have put together a few blogs that will give you cleaning and maintenance tips.

Outlined below are several items to consider on your Spring well water system checklist.

  1. Test your water. Spring is a good time to get your well water tested. Incorporating the annual testing into your spring cleaning routine will make it easier for you to remember each year. Water tests should be done by a certified lab. Compare your results to the EPA drinking water standards for public systems, which serve as good guidelines for private systems.
  2. Do a visual inspection on and around your well head. Make note of any significant changes and ensure that the well cap is secure. Look for any cracks, holes, or corrosion.
  3. Keep the area around your well clean and accessible. Make sure the area is free of debris, motor oil, paint, and any other waste that may contaminate your water supply. Spring is a good time to clean and prune up any landscaping around the well head. Low maintenance grass around the well is best. Springtime flowers, although beautiful, can attract small animals and insects. Attracting animals and insects to your well can also bring an unnecessary risk of bacteria or other contaminants getting into your well water.
  4. Regularly check the integrity of any above ground and underground storage tanks that hold home heating oil, diesel, or gasoline on your property
  5. Avoid using fertilizers and pesticides near the well. Anything that you apply to the ground around your wellhead can potentially reach the groundwater, which is the source of your drinking water.
  6. Animals and livestock should not be kept in this area.
  7. Pump and inspect septic systems as often as recommended by your local health department. A failed septic system can contaminate your water well system.

We are all in this together! Please do not hesitate to call or email customer service with questions about your well water system.