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The Importance of Effluent Filters

Would you like to extend the life of your drainfield?

Would you like to extend the life of your pump?

Anyone with an onsite septic system at their home will, of course, say yes to both of these. Extending the life of a drainfield can save thousands of dollars and the cost of a new effluent pump can be upwards of one thousand dollars including installation.

Effluent filters are an ideal component for your residential septic tank. They prevent large solids from leaving the tank by improving wastewater quality, thus extending the life of your drainfield and the life of your effluent pump.

The effluent filter is installed on the outlet side of the septic tank and can be added to new or existing systems. They are easy to clean as most have an extendable handle that allows for easy removal. The filter cartridge can be hosed off whenever your tank needs pumping.

The photo above shows two Orenco brand effluent filters. The effluent filter cartridge slides into the top of the housing. The large opening near the top connects horizontally to the outlet pipe of the septic tank. The effluent from the clear zone of the septic tank, between the scum and sludge layers, flows into the small holes of the filter housing and into the cartridge. The effluent is filtered as it passes through the mesh holes that cover the surface of the cartridge. Particles that are larger than the mesh are prevented from leaving the tank.