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Water Well Pump Starts too Often (Rapid Cycling) - How to Troubleshoot

Water Well Pump Starts too Often (Rapid Cycling) - How to Troubleshoot

If the pump motor starts too often that could be indicating something wrong with one of the following pieces of equipment.

1. Pressure Switch

a. Check your settings on the pressure switch by observing the pressure at which the pump turns on and off. You can do this by running the pump through a cycle, watching the pressure gauge and observing the on and off PSI. You may need to readjust the settings, or replace the switch. RC Worst YouTube Video: How to Adjust a Pressure Switch

b. Examine for defects and wear.

c. If you are in a situation where you have hard water or sediment in the water system, the pressure tube can also become clogged. Take apart the system so that you can look for sediment in the tube leading to the pressure switch.

2. Waterlogged Pressure Tank.

If your tank becomes waterlogged it is likely a result of a failed tank bladder on a modern tank or failed air volume controls if you have an old style bladderless tank. On a modern bladder tank it is best to drain the pressure from the system and check the pressure within the tank, the pressure should be 2-3 psi below the pump cut on pressure, so for example on a 40/60 pressure setting, the tank needs to be at roughly 38 psi. If the tank is not holding air I recommend replacing your tank with a modern bladder pressure tank. If you do end up replacing your tank check out our video on sizing a pressure tank to get all the info you will need.

RC Worst YouTube Video: How to Check and Adjust Pressure Tanks

RC Worst YouTube Video: How to Size a Pressure Tank

3. Leaks in the System

The next step is to check for leaks in the system. Ball valves can be very helpful in isolating and identifying leaks.

4. Failed Check Valve

If a check valve has failed you will see the system not holding pressure when the pump shuts off. Typically when this happens it's a failed check valve located between the pump and the pressure tank. Replace any failed check valves.

RC Worst YouTube Video: Types of Check Valves for Water Well Applications

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