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When is UV Treatment Right for Your Drinking Water?

  1. Would you like to protect your family against dangerous levels of harmful bacteria and viruses like E.coli and Cryptosporidium
  2. Does your family want to drink Chemical-free water?

Dangerous levels of harmful chemicals can not always be detected by sight, taste, or smell.

UV disinfection of drinking water has been growing steadily in popularity as people search for a highly effective and chemical-free option for ensuring their water is safe from microbiological contaminants.

Even if your water comes from a municipal system it may also travel through many miles of aging pipe to reach it’s destination. Damaged pipes, broken water mains can cause contamination. Also, ordinary events like heavy rainfall, melting snow, agricultural runoff, and industrial pollution can lead to contaminants entering wells or surface water sources.

Looking for that peace of mind of keeping your home and family healthy? Call us today at RC Worst & Company to discuss the right UV system to meet your needs.