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Why is my Jet Pump Losing Pressure?

If you are losing pressure when water is not being used, you probably have a leak in your system. Depending on where the leak is in the system, it can cause a loss of prime in the pump and/or a steady loss of water pressure. Leaks can occur at the foot valve, in the suction pipe, in the home in the form of a leaking toilet, or anywhere else in the piping or system. You will need to do some troubleshooting to find the cause.

Check and/or test for the following:

  • Foot valve failure - The foot valve is located at the bottom of the suction line and is a common failure point on older systems. It is a one-way valve as it lets water flow in and also keeps the water from flowing back.
  • Toilet float valve - A float valve may be stuck open and water is leaking down the drain through your toilet.
  • Loose connections on suction line - If you winterize your pump, perhaps you have one or more loose connections that are allowing air into the pipe. Quick connect (Kamlock) fittings are notorious for leaking air IN if not installed properly on the suction side.
  • Leak(s) in suction line
  • Leak(s) in discharge line
  • If you have shutoff valves, try closing them one by one to isolate the system and narrow down the location of the leak.

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