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Why is my Jet Pump Overheating?

If you suddenly lose water in your home it may be that your pump has overheated. The thermal overload trips and automatically turns off the pump when the motor gets too hot. Motors can overheat for a variety of reasons.

Caution! Electricity can be very dangerous, especially if you are inexperienced. Always use caution when working with electricity and turn off the power supply/circuit breakers when testing components or making any adjustments within the electrical system. If you are not 100% confident you can perform any of these tests safely, call a professional.

If your motor is overheating, check and/or test for the following:

  • Voltage readings are the same as indicated on the motor plate
    • A voltage reading 10% above or below the motor nameplate will cause overheating
  • Loose wire connections
    • Loose wires can cause voltage drop and, in turn, overheating of the motor
  • Insufficient water supply at foot valve and air is entering system
    • Air entering the system will cause the pump to overwork
  • Pump can’t lift from current water level
    • Check your water level against the published suction-lift charts provided by your pump manufacturer to ensure you are within them
  • Motor is clean and getting proper ventilation. Often times bugs and dust get into the motor housing and keep it from cooling properly during operation.
    • Insufficient ventilation will cause the motor to overheat
  • Pump may be starting and stopping too often due to a faulty pressure switch or a waterlogged pressure tank.
  • Listen for a bad bearing or other noises that would indicate a problem
    • A bad bearing will make the motor work harder leading to overheating
  • Shaft is spinning freely
    • The motor will overheat if something is obstructing and keeping the shaft from rotating properly

Do you have further questions about your jet pump or other components in your water system? If so, please do not hesitate to call our experts at 855.329.4519.