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Product Spotlight - Orenco Residential Effluent Filters

Product Spotlight - Orenco Residential Effluent Filters

Orenco’s 4-inch (100-mm) Biotube Effluent Filters, Biotube Jr., Biotube Base Inlet Filters, and Biotube Insert Filters are ideal for residential septic tanks and have a lifetime warranty. They prevent large solids from leaving the tank, dramatically improving wastewater quality and extending the life of residential drainfields.

Orenco Residential Effluent Filters Features and Benefits:

  • Have 5-10 times more flow area than other brands, so lasts many times longer between cleanings, increasing homeowner satisfaction
  • Install in minutes inside new or existing tanks; extendible tee handle for easy removal
  • Easy to clean by simply hosing off whenever the tank needs pumping
  • Remove about two thirds of suspended solids, on average, extending drainfield life
  • Corrosion-proof construction, to ensure long life
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Orenco Biotube Effluent Filters are designed to remove solids from effluent leaving residential septic tanks. They can be used in new and existing tanks at flows of up to 1200 gpd (gallons per day).

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