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Risers, Lids, and Tank Adapters

Can’t find your septic tank access lid?

Don’t want to spend time and/or money digging in your yard to find your septic tank?

Are you tired of having to lift that 200 pound concrete lid?

Thanks to Orenco Systems we have the solution for you.

Risers, access lids, riser tank adapters, and other tank accessories allow easy access to septic tanks. Riser tank adapters provide a structural, watertight method of installing an access riser over a tank opening. A watertight septic tank can prevent premature failure of the septic drainfield, premature failure of the pump, a contaminated water supply, etc. Depending on the riser tank adapter model, they can be cast into the top of a concrete tank, bonded to a tank with adhesive, or mechanically fastened to a tank with an adapter bolt-down kit.

We are an authorized dealer for Orenco Systems, Inc. They design and manufacturer fiberglass septic tanks, septic systems, advanced treatment systems, effluent sewers, effluent pump, and electrical control panels. Their award-winning technologies are cited in wastewater texts and installed all over the world.

Orenco’s offerings of risers, lids, and tank adapters are adaptable to nearly all new or existing septic tanks.

Standard Features & Benefits of our Orenco Riser, Lid, and Accessory offerings include:

-PVC risers and lids come in a variety of diameters

-PVC risers are available in standard 6” increments and also available at custom heights

-PVC risers can be cast right into a concrete tank or installed with a bolt-down kit

-PVC risers and riser-tank adapters can be easily bonded to tanks with structural adhesive

-Lids are water- and odor-tight, lightweight, non-skid, and non-corroding and can be easily installed with stainless steel, tamper resistant bolts that help prevent accidental entry

-Standard lids are green or brown to blend in with landscaping and are also available in custom lid colors and imprinting on quantity orders

-Additional accessories available including adhesives, pipe grommets, cord grips, splice boxes, pipe cutting and drilling tools, insulation, vents, and fiberglass brackets.

Looking for that accessory that makes your septic system easier to maintain? Call us today at RC Worst & Company for any of your septic system questions or needs.