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Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 by

Water Well Pump Starts too Often (Rapid Cycling) - How to Troubleshoot

Water Well Pump Starts too Often (Rapid Cycling) - How to Troubleshoot If the pump motor starts too often that could be indicating something wrong with one of the following pieces of equipment. 1. Pressure Switch a. Check your settings on the pressure switch by observing the pressure at which the pump turns on and off. You can do this by running the pump through a cycle, watching the pressure gauge and observing the on and off PSI. You may need to readjust the settings, or replace the switch....

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Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2022 by

Product Spotlight - Barnes Razor Submersible Grinder Pump

Razor Grinder Pumps are the ideal 2 HP pump for light commercial and residential solids handling applications. The Razor is thoughtfully designed with an innovative axial cutting technology to efficiently reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers and other non-biodegradable items commonly found in the modern waste stream. The Razor features a dual voltage, oil-filled motor with optimal cutting torque performance in low voltage situations. The grinder pump also has heavy duty, oil-lubricated...

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Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 by

Is My Well Pump Cycling Too Often?

The average number of starts per day greatly influences the life of a submersible pumping system. For example, let’s say an elderly couple has a 3/4 HP 10 GPM pump, a 34 gallon pressure tank, and averages 10 pump cycles per day. In this scenario, I would expect their pump to last 15, 20, 30+ years due to such a small demand. Now let’s say the elderly couple sells their house and a family of 9 moves in. Kyle homeowner, father of 7, decides to install a massive 5-zone 9 GPM sprinkler system but...

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Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 by

Product Spotlight - Myers ME Series Effluent Pumps

The Myers ME Series Effluent Pumps are designed specifically for effluent pressure distribution mounds, trenches and high-flow drainage applications. Heavy-duty construction with the finest corrosion-resistant materials for years of extended service in the harshest environments. Available in single- and double-seal models; thermoplastic and bronze impeller models. Features Cast Iron Tough. All cast-iron housing and volute case resists the most extreme corrosive environmentsHigh-efficiency...

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Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2022 by

Six Tips for Sump Pump Owners

A little bit of maintenance can save a lot of time and money. In today’s blog, we will give you some important tips. 1. Test your sump pump regularly. Pour enough water into the sump pit to raise the float that engages the pump. The pump should remove the water from the pit and shut itself off in a matter of seconds. Ensure that the float moves freely. Take note of where your check valve is. The check valve will stop the water from running back down the discharge pipe, through the pump, and...

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