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Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 by

What is a Pressure Switch?

If you have a private well water system, your Pressure Switch is an integral component. The Pressure Switch tells the pump that delivers water to your home when to turn on and off. When the pressure in the system drops to a preset low setting the pump will turn on (commonly known as the cut-on pressure). When the pressure in the system rises to the preset high setting the pump will turn off (commonly known as the cut-off pressure). For most homeowners, your Pressure Switch is preset at 40/60....

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Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 by

How to Check and Adjust Your Pressure Tank

If you have your own water well system you probably have a pressure tank. It is important to check it every so often to ensure that it is functioning properly.Note: It is important to turn off all power to the system and drain the system of any water pressure prior to checking your tank. You will depressurize your system by turning off the breaker to the pump and opening a faucet in your home. Leave the breaker off until you complete your check of the tank. Adjustments to a new tank should be...

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Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by

Sizing a Pressure Tank Correctly - More Protection for your Pump

Would you like to prolong the life of your pump?Would you like to save money by reducing energy use? If the answer is yes to either of the questions above, it is important to have the correct sized pressure tank for your system. Choosing the proper tank for your pumping system will greatly reduce the risk of premature pump failure. If you fail to invest in the correct size pressure tank, you can short cycle your pump. Short cycling is a term used to describe when your pump is turning on and off...

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Posted on Friday, November 17, 2017 by

What is a splice box?

What is a splice box? It’s all in the name! Splice boxes are used to protect the spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and pumping equipment (like sewage pumps and float switches). The Orenco splice boxes we offer are installed either inside (Internal) or outside (External) septic tank access risers. I’ve outlined the benefits of both types below. Orenco Internal Splice Boxes are installed on the inside wall of concrete, PVC, and fiberglass access risers. The box is made...

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Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 by

Protecting Your Well Water Pump

Does your well run dry?Do you want peace of mind in knowing that your pump and motor are protected from abnormal line voltage? If the answer is yes to either of the questions above, you may want to consider the benefits of having motor protection for your pump. All too often people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their submersible water system without considering any form of motor protection device. There are a number of conditions that can wreak havoc on your system (and your...

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