AFS Packaged Lift Stations include a complete fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) wet well and valve vault assembly (as applicable) to provide a functioning lift station with minimal installation time and cost. The wet well assembly includes pump slide rails, discharge piping, and other appurtenances such as floats, transducers, and electrical junction boxes installed. The valve vault assembly includes discharge manifold, valves, ladder, and any other accessories. The sewage lift station pumps and controls are shipped separately but prepped for installation with slide rail couplings, lifting cables, and electrical cable strain reliefs installed to expedite field installation.

Complete Package

AFS Packaged Lift Stations are ideally suited for municipal and private applications requiring wastewater or stormwater solutions. Sewage lift station pump packages include all the necessary components: wet well, pumps, valves, controls and hatches. These pre-fabricated residential sewer lift station systems ship directly to the site for easy installation and are designed for efficient and reliable operation with low maintenance requirements. The vaults can usually be installed with common excavation equipment, eliminating additional crane costs. Most AFS residential sewer lift stations are installed in a couple days saving down-time and money.

Custom Controls

The electrical controls are a huge part of value added lift station design. Automated Flow Systems offers a vast selection of site specific options and configurations. The AFS SL Series controller provides all the necessary components to keep most lift station designs running smoothly, but we understand controls are not one size fits all. Our technicians are dedicated to supplying the ideal controller for each application regardless of customization required. We can assist with the most complex control applications including PLC's, SCADA, VFD's, Radio Telemetry, etc.

Fiberglass Vaults

AFS lift stations are assembled in fiberglass vaults. Fiberglass offers many advantages over traditional concrete including; light weight, corrosion resistant, and water tight. One-piece fiberglass vaults are ideal for high groundwater applications to avoid infiltration. If groundwater is present, antiflotation can easily be designed to prevent any issues. We offer vaults in 3 to 12 foot diameters, and depths up to 35 feet. AFS vaults come completely preassembled making installation quick and easy.

Complete Drawings & Specifications

AFS works closely with design engineers to produce the best lift stations possible. Our consultants have a vast knowledge base designing lift stations for a variety of applications. Our goal is to supply the designer with drawings and specifications exactly matching the needs of their specific project.

Lift Station Graphic

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